Dr Jagannatham and Srimati Vedavati believed that

 "Imagination is more important than knowledge" during

the External link opens in new tab or windowGreat Depression years in 1930s. They faced the adversity

of the Second External link opens in new tab or windowWorld War with the same strong belief. The living

testimony of the success of their life is the success of their four

children and the establishment of Jagat Veda Peetta in 1986.

Dr Jagannatham was a proponent of female education and

Mrs Vedavati took keen interest in children's issues. Together

they inculcated the spirit of the Vedas in their four children

resulting in the award of four PhDs, numerous research publications

winning a External link opens in new tab or windowNobel prize in 2015, and the award of the

External link opens in new tab or windowBreakthrough Prize in 2016.


Located in the  Pedda Waltair suburb of the picturesque coastal city

 of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India, Jagat Veda Peetta is a

prominent landmark on Karaka Chettu Road.

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