The NORM Group in Canada

The NORM Group was founded in 2005 in the Royal city of Guelph, ON  by the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) testing division of Gamma Analysts, a registered partnership in Ontario, Canada. Gamma Analysts was founded in 1974 in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada  to bring advanced nuclear analytical methods and geochemistry knowledge integrated with the needs and wants in the  private and government sectors by doing the needed research and development (R&D) in a cost effective and timely manner, with focus on delivering value under the agreed  budget..

Because of our interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary capabilities The NORM Group's dynamic mandate allows our customer centric approach to deliver value to our customers in a cost effective timely manner by integrating Renewable energy, Transport, Food security and Wellness sectors of Industry and International Trade.

We do research and development (R&D) to integrate the needs and wants of our customers with products, processesses and concepts by "catching things falling through the cracks" to deliver not only value but also after-sales satisfaction to our customers .who are ever so much on tight budgets, or no budgets for planning, R&D and development of their goals for accomplishing their vision.

As a multi-vendor integrator, we provide quality assurance services to deliver customer specifications by doing quality control of our solutions for Renewable Energy systems for electric transportation, electric agriculture,and for electrifying wellness

While you focus on your business developing products and manufacturing them,,,we focus on the logistics of product and services integration  and delivery across multiple sectors in  this ever more complex and intertwined International Trade.


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