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SolarMill by WSTI USA

The NORM Group

We Provide Multi-vendor Integration Services of Wind and Solar Energy

for off-grid applications in residential/commercial settings, Transport,

 Agriculture, and Telehealth sectors.

We are known for timely delivery of value to our customers under budget

with focus on quality assurance of customer specifications.


    A Thomas Verified Supplier

located in the Royal City of Guelph, ON, Canada

The NORM Group

is known for its higher standards

 in the city of higher learning

with their award winning personnel

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What is the purpose of twenty-twenty vision in hindsight?

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The NORM Group endeavours to uphold the spirit

of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society established in 1665

We deliver value to our "ingenious" customers in "many considerable parts of the world"
 by integrating ourselves with their "undertakings, studies and labours"

in order to "to giving some ACCOMT of the present" while aspiring to deliver the desired future

as shown on the cover page of Volume 1  reproduced in the picture below



Focusing on do-it-yourself radon testing , Wind/Solar combo SolarMill, Air Water Generator